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Class name: Ke-Alians, the Royal Ones

Class colors: Maroon and Bone

Class song: Stairway to Heaven

Plays: Dark of the Moon and A Cry of Players

Prior to Senior Year
The Class of 1973 was marked by a distinctive spirit and organization. It showed greater creativity and less apathy than preceding classes by raising funds and holding events throughout its memorable tenure at San Pedro High School. Activities in our Sophomore and Junior years, such as the Junior Class Art Fair held April, 1972 at Peck Park helped raise funds. The guidance provided by sponsors Jake Kosheba and Nancy Wells steered the class through this time period.
Sophomore Class Presidents: Helen Bechtol, Carol Benedict
Junior Class President: Larry Laskey

Summer of 1972
Activities included bake sales to raise funds and painting the benches in Senior Court maroon and bone. Senior Court was also TP'd at the beginning of the school year.

School year begins with election of Class Officers
Steve Knowlton and Wendy Waterman were elected co-presidents by receiving the most votes.
Ervin Frazier, Marie Pilato, Denise Sanchez, and Mark Wells were elected to the board by being runners up in the balloting. Debbie Rodriquez joined them later in the year.

Class Officers

Senior Week: October 16 - 20
Monday: Talent Show arranged by Dan Mitchell
The class made high profits with an entry fee of a nickle and a dime.

Tuesday: Flag Day chaired by JoAnn Tominaga, Elisa Wilder and Noel Tamburovich. They made a bright class flag that was flown throughout the year.

Wednesday: International Day chaired by Nina Marquez.
A gala carnival held in Senior Court with food, games and dances from around the world.

Thursday: Powder Puff Football Game organized by Steve Knowlton.
Senior girls defeated the junior girls at Dodson Field cheered on by all male cheerleaders.

Friday: Color Day chaired by Joy Palmquist.
Cars were decorated with crepe paper and tissues and displayed on the girls field. Dan Mitchell's car won first prize.

Other Senior Activities
Seniors also enjoyed a snow trip, a picnic at Irvine Park and a trip to Cinerama during the course of the year.

March 25: Renaissance Fair
In the mood of the current play production, A Cry of Players, students, teachers, and parents joined in the merriment of the Renaissance Age which included olde time sweets, arts and crafts, gymnasts, an accordian player and even a minkey.

April 2: Senior Fire
The school Counselor's Office suffered $25,000 damage in a fire that was caused by vandals.

April 7: Welcome Home for John Fer
John Fer, former SPHS graduate and POW in Vietnam for six years, was welcomed home and given a special presentation at Dodson Field. On hand were a host of dignitaries, including the mayor of Los Angeles.

April 13: Spirit Concert
A sell-out crowd at the SPHS auditorium listened as the world-famous rock group Spirit entertained students past all expectations. Concert was performed thanks to the Cabinet.

May 12: Morp '37
The Prom was "briefly" held at Disneyland Hotel with the Post-Prom held at the Queen Mary.

June 5: Senior Supper organized by Michele Haddix, Teresa Bass, Debbie Rodriguez, Toni Figler and Denise Sanchez.
Senior supper was held in the school cafeteria with a buffet style Hawaiian dinner of beef teriyaki, Hawaiian pork and fresh pineapple. 1973 Annuals were presented during the evening.

June 12: Honors Convocation
Outstanding seniors were recognized with well deserved awards.
Pledge of Allegiance: Steve Knowlton
Student Addresses: Toni Figler, Dan Maricich
"Every generation inherits a world it never made, and as it does so, it automatically becomes the trustee of that world for those who come after." - Robert F. Kennedy
Presentation of Academic Honors, School Awards and Community Awards
Expression of Appreciation: Wendy Waterman
Recognition of Honorees: Principal David Carter

June 14: Graduation
Graduation at Dodson Field at 5PM
Pledge of Allegiance: Wendy Waterman
Student Addresses: Chuck Wilcox, Sylvia Espinosa, Ervin Frazier
Presentation of the Class of 1973: Sponsor Nancy Wells
Challenge to the Class of 1973: Principal David Carter
Roll Call for the Class of 1973: Sponsors Jake Kosheba and Nancy Wells
Acceptance of Diplomas: Steve Knowlton

June 14: Grad Night
Grad Night at Disneyland closed the school year and a chapter in our lives.
The Ke-Alian Class of 1973 would move on to new endeavors and adventures but certainly remember their eventful Senior Year.

Class Presidents Steve Knowlton and Wendy Waterman at Graduation

Drill Team Uniform