Rancho Dominguez

San Pedro Timeline

Transition and Commercial Foundation 1850 – 1897

1850: California Becomes 31st State

California Seal California State Flag

1851: Phineas Banning Arrives in San Pedro, Age 21

Phineas Banning Banning Residence
Banning Residence Banning Residence Staging

1852: Timms Landing

1853: San Pedro Recognized as a Port of Entry in California

Late 1850′s: Port and Trade Expansion

San Pedro Harbor Building 1857 View of San Pedro Harbor and Wilmington 1877
Schooners in San Pedro Bay San Pedro Survey 1859

Late 1850′s — Early 1860′s: Major Weather Setbacks

1860′s: Phineas Banning′s Stagecoach Transport Business Flourishes

Banning Stagecoach Transport

1860: San Pedro Population = 359

1861: Camp Drum, the Drum Barracks

Drum Barracks Modern Drum Barracks

1862: Great Flood of 1862

1863: Major Drought Brings End to Cattle Industry

1863: Steamer Ada Hancock Explodes in San Pedro Bay

Ada Hancock Disaster Ada Hancock
Ada Hancock Disaster Lost Gold

1863: Ada Hancock Explosion, One of Several Events to Adversely Affect San Pedro

1866 — 1880: Commercial Growth after the Civil War

San Pedro Port 1867
View of San Pedro
Bark Vidette in San Pedro Bay

1868: Tsunami Strikes San Pedro

1869: Los Angeles and San Pedro Railroad

San Pedro Railroad Locomotive San Pedro Railroad Schedule
Los Angeles and San Pedro Railroad San Pedro Train Station
Railroad Bond

1871: Channel to Wilmington Dredged, Two Breakwaters Started

1873: Southern Pacific Railroad Acquires Los Angeles and San Pedro Railroad

1874: Point Fermin Lighthouse

Point Fermin Lighthouse Point Fermin Lighthouse Foggy
Point Fermin Lighthouse

1881: James H. Dodson Residence Built

1881: First Snowfall Recorded in Los Angeles

1881: Los Angeles Linked with East Coast via Railroad

1883: Harbor View House Built (Formerly the Army and Navy YMCA)

1883: San Pedro Hotel

1883: San Pedro Cemetery

1884: Old St. Peter′s Episcopal Church

1885: San Pedro Port Handles 500,000 Tons of Shipping

1886: George Huntington Peck Moves to San Pedro

Averill Park Bridge
Averill Park Averill Park
Friendship Park
Alma Park Along Gaffey Leland Park
Point Fermin Park Postcard Point Fermin Park Postcard
Point Fermin Park Milke Park
Royal Palms Beach

1887: Electric Trolleys, ″Streetcars″, Begin to Compete with Steam Trains

Historical Trolley Trolley

1888: San Pedro Incorporates as a City

San Pedro Map 1894
San Pedro Harbor Lumber San Pedro Harbor 1900
San Pedro Harbor 1885 San Pedro Harbor Postcard
San Pedro Harbor Postcard San Pedro Harbor Postcard
San Pedro Harbor

1888: Land Claimed by US as Military Reservation, Precursor to Fort MacArthur

1889: Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church Established

1890: Oil Discovered in Los Angeles

1891: Rattlesnake Island Renamed to Terminal Island

1892: Avalon Developed as a Summer Resort

1893: California Fish Company

Bark Vidette in San Pedro Harbor

San Pedro Harbor and Steamship

San Pedro Harbor Aerial