Cabrillo Landing on West Coast

San Pedro Timeline

Spanish Discovery and Colonization 1542 - 1821

1542: Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Arrives at the Bay of Smokes

First Meeting Cabrillo's Ships Route of Discovery Cabrillo Statue

1602: Sebastian Vizcaino Renames the Bay to Bay of Saint Andrew

1734: Cabrera Bueno Renames the Bay to San Pedro Bay

1769 – 1821: Spanish Colonization

California Missions Mission San Gabriel

1769: Rancho San Pedro

Rancho San Pedro Map Rancho San Pedro Map

1805: First Americans to Visit San Pedro

William Shaler Leila Byrd Sailing from Cannon Fire

1818: First American Shipwrecked in San Pedro Arrested as Pirate, Becomes Resident of Los Angeles

Cabrillo Landing Reenactment

Cabrillo Landing Reenactment

Cabrillo Beach

Cabrillo Beach Aerial

Cabrillo Beach Aerial