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San Pedro Timeline

Mexican Era 1822 – 1846

1822: Alta California Becomes Territory of Mexico

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Vaqueros Californio Vaqueros

1820′s – 1840′s: California Popularized in the US as Land of Opportunity

Horace Greeley
Manifest Destiny
Westward Migration

1834: Richard Henry Dana Arrives at San Pedro Bay

Two Years Before the Mast Carrying Hides The Pilgrim

1846: US Conquest of California, Siege of Los Angeles

Dominguez Rancho
Battle of Rio San Gabriel

1846: Battle of Dominguez Rancho, Battle of Rio San Gabriel, Battle of La Mesa

California Invasion
Battle Californio Forces Battle US Forces
Cahuenga Treaty

1848: California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush
Steam Ship Poster
Cattle Drive
Cattle Drive

Point Fermin Storm

Pacific Sunset

Cabrillo Beach Sunset